Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hello everyone and happy new year! This is my latest illustration for the q|LAB project, a weekly gig in Milan. For this season's communication, they assigned a chapter of the "History of Chaos" to each single gig to be illustrated, in turn, by a different artist.

I was assigned to chapter 16, "Eroma":

"Ogni cometa cessò il proprio viaggio e Chaos interruppe il suo lamento. Poi chiamò la rosa "Eroma", ed essa iniziò a brillare."

"Every comet ceased their journey and Chaos broke his lament. Then he named the rose "Eroma" and it started shining."

I really enjoyed making it: the connection between the words and my imagination was instant and every step was clear in my mind in five minutes and then from the draft to the final it has been like flying. If only all the works were like this...

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