Friday, May 24, 2013

bubble #57

I am leaving for London tomorrow! When your dearest friends weigh anchor for abroad is a drama, but it has long-term advantages :) I'm going to stay one week only, but it's going to be very intense: Metro Area live at Oval Space, a day-trip to Stonehenge to recharge and boost my batteries (can't wait) and Depeche Mode live at the O2 Arena. Ugly! Isn't it? ;) Yeah, I envy myself. My wallet doesn't feel the same but you only live once, holy cow.
Anyway, today's bubble is all for this masterpiece album by Aeroplane. When it got released - 3 years ago - it blew my mind and I still can't get tired of it. To be played and enjoyed in one breath.

Aeroplane - London Bridge - 2010

Aeroplane - Can't Fly (Full Album) - 2010

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