Monday, April 29, 2013

the moon

I always loved the moon more than the sun, as I always loved the night more than the day. I do my best at night, and at night I have painted this amulet. Due to its double nature - the bright and the dark side - the moon is associated with the number two. To emphasize its meaning, I gave to my moon the number 11 (1+1=2) which is - in my opinion - the most powerful master number. 11 carries a vibrational frequency of balance, it represents equality, connection, awareness, calm and ascension. I also put 11 stars around to redouble the power. White is the colour of the moon and the light; deep blue brings harmony, balance and sensitivity; silver is the metal of the moon and helps calming, protecting and connecting, besides being the metal of emotions, of love, of the unconscious and good health; a touch of black recalls the dark side and the new moon phase :)
The moon is acrylic on 7x7 cm canvas.

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