Wednesday, April 10, 2013

il gatto nero

I might be a lazy blogger, but that does not mean I am a lazy paintress. These days I am on a new project: my tiny good luck amulets. Those who know me also know that I am a witch. A bungling witch, but still a witch :) Moreover, I am pretty obsessed with symbols, colours and numbers and I believe that every symbol matches a number by a precise reason. So why not connect all these things? This is the first one, already sold before it was finished :)
In some cultures the black cat is considered bad luck and in others it is considered as good luck. In my opinion not any animal could ever be bad luck, least of all the cats who are magical by nature. I know that in the English culture cats have 9 lives, but in Italy we say they have 7, that's why I chose it. Moreover, Seven has very powerful spiritual meaning and it is strictly connected to the symbolism, the creation and the cycle of life, which this amulet is dedicated to. The same applies to the colours I have chosen: pink is about giving and receiving love; white is the light; silver is the sensitive metal of the emotions, of love and good health; gold is preciosity par excellence and it is related to mercy, to love and to the divine nature :)
Uh, by the way: the black cat is acrylic on 5x5cm canvas.
Keep in touch to meet the other amulets! ;)


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