Wednesday, February 6, 2013

bubble #48

I was 16 or 17. I would wear velvet flare jeans, Clarks shoes, coloured Dr. Martens boots, an old military shoulder bag full of pins and patches, skinny coats, granny-made hippie scarfs from somewhere in the 70s, 9 earrings (5 right, 4 left), my mother's 70s shirts, felted sweaters, flower hair pins, vintage Adidas t-shirts, jackets and Gazelle shoes, homemade necklaces and whatever else was freaky ornamental. My hair was pink or flame red or aubergine or some ginger hue. Or all together. I was a total mess :) And so were my friends at the Art School: all in a row, we looked like a blown-up rainbow. They were the 90s! And we used to record our own cassette tapes to be played on our Walkmans, we used to dream about London, britpop was our music and this was one of my million favourite songs :)

Shed Seven - Ocean Pie - 1994

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