Thursday, January 10, 2013

♥ BettyBoop's 2012 ♥

A bit late as usual, but here is my own personal best of 2012: some I have played on the dancefloor, some in my car, some in my ipod, some are bound to memories, but all have been released in 2012 or shortly before. More or less in order of preference :)
Just one little clarification: #9 is Marcello Giordani's second edit of Patrizia Pellegrino - Il Mondo da una Nuvola (1983): actually, I play the first version which is no longer available online :( but closer to the original, I suppose. And I prefer :)
Anyway, goodbye 2012 (thank goodness) and welcome 2013.
I wish you all a stunning new year again!

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