Friday, December 7, 2012

bubble #45

Today I'm in a loving mood. I don't even know why, but this seems to be the way my life is going these days: I'm emotional for no apparent reason, most of the time. As a Gemini, I'm well accustomed to sudden mood swings, but this time is different. Everything is stronger and deeper as if it was amplified to the highest - and from the highest - without any chance of defying. I guess this is happening because we are getting closer. All I can do is let go and wait. My sixth sense knows that something is going to happen and everything is going to fall into place, but how can I be certain? I can't. No one can. So what I'm doing is taking shelter in my colours and my music, and this sweet song helps me to hope :)
Much love.

The Fifth Dimension - Let It Be Me
Let It Be Me by The 5th Dimension on Grooveshark

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