Thursday, March 29, 2012

masters: caravaggio

There's no need to tell you who Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio is. And there's no need to say that he is one of my favourite artists, besides being one of my biggest inspirers. Ever. Among his many works, this one always struck me, its title is Supper at Emmaus (Cena in Emmaus), 1601. It describes the moment when the resurrected Jesus reveals himself to his disciples Luke and Cleophas. What I'm in love with, is the way Caravaggio caught the moment just before his diners' mouths open in surprise. I mean, in 1601, nobody couldn't even imagine about photography or cinema. And yet it moves! Look at Jesus' gesture: it is majestically caught in a frame between two which could either precede or follow an action. You can see what could be going on before and after this frame. You can make it go the way you want and you can imagine a hundred different screenplays. I know this picture by heart but I get stunned every time. British friends, did you know that this wonder is hosted at The National Gallery in London? :)

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