Thursday, January 5, 2012


This morning, a message by my boss woke me up telling me that I could stay home for today, delaying everything to monday (tomorrow is Epiphany and in Italy is a feast day). Yay, but that meant that I could not scan my drawings until next week. It was definitely a sign so I didn't think twice and got out of bed, straight to the nearest shop to buy the scanner I needed! I'm going to devote this day to posting all the backlog. What better time to inaugurate a new section of my blog, the pitturini! Pitturini is a bizzarre word that sounds like little cute paintings and I often use it when I'm absorbed into my creative side. This one here figures a little hippie girl. As usual, I drew a light pencil trace and then I used watercolours, ecoline and coloured pencils.

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