Saturday, July 30, 2011

necessity is the mother of invention

New moon today. The perfect day to start a new project: that's why I'm starting the painted version of my alphabet. To do this I needed a lightbox to trace and bypass the original sketch. But lightboxes are too expensive for me so I had to opt for the plan B. After a brief brainstorming with myself, I drove the Piggy to Ikea and bought these tray and LED lighting strip:

First I fixed the lights on my table using some tape

Then I put the tray upside down on them, fixing it with some adhesive pads to prevent sliding.

And here it is, ready to go!

It's not perfect as a a professional lightbox, but it will do its duty spending 11€ and 1 Watt only :)
Total time, trip to Ikea included: 1h15 :) Good job to me!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

bubble #13

13 is my favourite number. I don't know which song is my favourite though. May be Moonlight Shadow (but I already posted it), since it is the only one I never got bored of. But many other songs did the same. Just only one favourite sounds lonely, isn't it? Uhm, it's curious how this also happens with the boys... but this is another story.
Well, since I couldn't find any song to match with #13, I shuffled the golden playlist on my ipod and played: the fate could not be more tasteful. I love this song by Simple Minds, it really glitters of gold in my ears and cheers me up. Well done boys: I'm still shaking my glowing stick at your 1991 concert (the first of my life) in Bologna, and I just want to say "thank you" :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

a galaxy of love

I don't know if aliens are really green and have funny faces, I don't think so. But they are nice to me for sure and I can't wait to meet them. Maybe I already did, maybe they are among us or maybe we are the aliens ourselves indeed :) Anyway, I always wished to fly through space riding my spacebike: when the entire humanity will live in love together with aliens, I'll borrow one from my neighbor from Alpha Centauri.
Dee D. Jackson - Galaxy Of Love

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

al lavoro!

This is an unreleased work I recently did for a social promotion campaign focused on social cohesion about work rights (al lavoro means at work).
I was asked to produce a fresh and simple image for the main theme and its subcategories. Here is what I dropped. The idea of the ant was taken collectively over one of our beer storming ;)
Unfortunately, the campaign concept was changed during construction and the ant was no longer suitable. Anyway, I'm satisfied so here it is :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


On July 27 I will participate in an independent and self-powered comics and illustration exhibition/market here in Bologna, named Favarama. My friend and colleague Agata got this idea and brought me into :) We will proudly have comics, illustrations, paintings, handcraft, body painting, live performances, live sketching, drinks, some good djs and who knows what else :) The location is Giardini Fava, a tiny lovely park near the central railway station, which on summer hosts an open air bar equipped with a food area, a library, screening spaces, tables and chairs, playing areas for children and dogs, table soccer, table tennis and obviously a console :)
I'm going to live sketch and paint "express" postcards to be sold for a few odd coins :) I'm still choosing the theme and I'm sure I won't get anything until a minute before the start of the show... Meanwhile I made the flyer for the facebook event: since fava means broad bean, the concept in my mind was instantly clear.
If any of you, artists from everywhere, is interested on join us, please contact me here or via facebook!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

green is the colour

And my experiment goes on. It is actually turning both into a collection and a surrogate of yoga :) Instinctive felt-tip drawing is the peace of mind, it's like swimming naked! And so I'm going on with my songs.
This one here is one of my Pink Floyd's favourite, and the most visual for sure. And I love it. As for the first one, I used felt tip pens and a touch of metal gold marker, which has gone forever as I draw the last line. Just in time!
Pink Floyd - Green Is The Colour

Monday, July 4, 2011


In the late 70s, as I already wrote in the letter D post, the japanese animes arrived in Italy and bewitched all the people. Among that moltitude there was a character I'm very much fond of: she's a pink haired witch girl whose name sounds very similar to mine. Her name is Bia :) Since my nickname is Bea, it was natural that I felt very close to her. I even had her t-shirt and, needless to say, it was my favourite! Besides being very nice herself, she had a lovely catchy tune which was very popular among the children, as much as we used to sing it all together as a tongue twister. For this letter, I stole her hair colour and put it under my own witch's hat :) Yes, because strega means witch indeed.
Enjoy her song! Bia - La Sfida della Magia

Saturday, July 2, 2011

bubble #12

There is a thing that always aroused my curiosity: the handwritings cut onto the surface of the vinyls. Some are dates, some are names, some are symbols, some are apparently meaningless letter or number sequences, but the thing that makes them special is that they are unique. In the seriality of the printing they make each record precious as one of a kind. I always looked for them on a brand new one, wondering about the writer, the moment, the before and the after. In whom hands it had got? Where on earth? This writing in particular comes from my 7" copy of Ultravox - The Voice. Who is Piero? Where is he now? What did he do on November 6, 1981? Was he in a good mood that day? How old was he? What was the weather like? These are the questions that I have always done about my records and, of course, have never been answered.
But that's the magic of the vinyls: they are human. Nothing sounds like a vinyl sounds. It's wide, it's warm, it hugs you and you can catch any single detail as it was a starry sky, because it's physically there on that surface you can touch with your toes. One of my games is, since forever, playing many times a song, breaking it down in my mind and following each time a different instrument as it was a solo. Vinyl plays with me by letting me catch any single sound, cd and audio files don't, not even the most high-tech in the world. Try it yourself and you will see.

Ultravox - The Voice (1981)