Wednesday, June 29, 2011

magic waves

When I was a toddler, my mother - who has always been a practical person - instead of singing for me lullabies at night used to turn the radio on. I still can remember those magical moments between sleeping and waking which were with no doubts crucial in my musical imprinting. I never got out of this habit, and I still do it with extreme bliss, sometimes. She always said that the radio has been my first toy, and that's no wonder to me. God knows what I heard in my sleep since 1978, but surely determined the future direction of my life. Thanks mum, you don't even imagine how precious were your gestures: you created a freak! :))
Well, I think there's only one song fitting this letter, and it's Radio Gaga, by my beloved Queen.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Summer finally came, Bologna is like a giant oven, my brain is a fresh-baked pie, work is going everyday more boring and the only thing I can do is pretend to be under a coconut palm, laughing at those who waste their time inside air-conditioned offices. Obviously, I brought Winston: he's fantastic at carrying baggage, but is in the bad habit to always bring me down to earth.
Here I'm saying: "Yes Winston, I know I'm dreaming... pass me that corkscrew."
If it wasn't clear, for lots of reasons, I don't like summer at all (as long as I'm far from the sea) but I know that many of you do, so have a nice summer, then!
On my part, the good new is that I can't wait to put my feet on the berliner ground, where heat and sultriness are just a vague memory. The bad new is that I must be patient until August 10. Cheer up!

Friday, June 24, 2011

feel good tip #5

Double tip today! Here is my friend Mayo (aka Soulomon)'s last mix: simply amazing! In my opinion, he's one of the most talented djs around and I'm glad he's one of my best friends, besides being a great master since forever. I love him so much. Well, just enjoy! ;)

Mayo - The sunday, the sun 6-2011
by Soulomon

feel good tip #4

Enjoy this cool fresh mix by Chamboché, perfectly suitable to an ice-cold beer on the beach at sunset. Or even better at sunrise :)

Zleep mix 009 - Chamboche
by chamboche

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

with a little luck...

Some years ago I went to Prague on a camper van with my cousins and spent one day in an austrian camping. All was perfect: tidy flower beds, tidy tracks made with tidy gravel and tidy grass pitches where campers and tents were neatly placed. Not to mention the whole camping management. I thought I ended up in a Lego city! I couldn't believe my eyes, since I was used to the anarchy of the italian Woodstock-looking campings. But the grass of our pitch was the most astonishing thing: it was full of four-leaf clovers! Austrian people must be very lucky. After a brief reasoning, I spent that day looking for three-leaved clovers, and the few I found made me feel lucky as well :)
I think Paul McCartney - With a Little Luck is the most appropriate song to match with letter Q, because quadrifoglio means four-leaf clover indeed!

bubble #12

It's no new that when I fall in love with a song, I play it all the time to death. It's no new that when I keep an eye on an artist, I almost never go wrong.
It's no accident that The Magician stroke twice in half a year! (see bubble #10).
He's got the power to turn everything he touches to gold: the original songs surely do most of the work, but in his hands they gain that something special to fly really high.
It's no accident that he named himself The Magician. Ney no. This time the Mida's remix touch is up to the enchanting Lykke Li.
Leo says this song is already one of my hits, one "of those that when you hear it you know it's Bea on the mix" - and I didn't even pay him for this! ;) He's right: I'm addicted!
Well, I told a lie before: The Magician didn't strike twice, but three times: after listening to this diamond below, enjoy the preview of the just released (right yesterday) Peter & The Magician - Twist EP on Kitsuné.
Heavy parties on the horizon!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

masters: caspar david friedrich

This artist I want to talk about is someone I regard with infinite esteem. My room is covered with his pictures which are (and always have been) to me an immense source of inspiration. This person is Caspar David Friedrich, a Romantic german painter of the 19th century. Each of his paintings is like a different fairy tale to get into and a different world to fly over. They may seem similar but if you look closer, you will find what I mean :)
The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Il Viandante sul Mare di Nebbia) is the most famous of his works and perhaps the symbol of the entire Romantic movement but, although I love them all, my favourite is the one here below: The Tree of Crows (l'Albero dei Corvi), 1822. Click to enlarge to catch the details, which are the thing that make it so special. You, readers from Paris, go to see it at The Louvre Museum: I'd go back there right now, if I could :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

fifteen men on the dead man's chest (and a bottle of rum)

The letter P was pretty obvious! Not so obvious was the song though: don't ask me why but, whenever I hear it, I feel more pirate than usual. Cake - Perhaps

Friday, June 10, 2011


Like many people, whenever I hear a sound of any kind, it generates images (mainly colours) in my mind to the point I see them. I always did. I'm sure that my musical taste is nothing but a colour range. It's not easy to explain or graphically reproduce what I see because it's more than three-dimensional and quite hard to fix, but I'm trying to "illustranslate" some for my hand.
Some weeks ago, I was sketching in a cafe during a concert and I realized that I never deepened this part of me. Not consciously, at last. In those days I was addicted to a song so I simply let my hand go in the moleskine as I was at the high school on my diary: this is what came out and, at the same time, started a new experiment :)
That song was Starless, by my beloved King Crimson. I draw the first verse, which is the one I love most. I'm currently working on the next song: keep in touch, if you like this one!
Technique: pencil, markers, permanent gold marker - is almost impossible to achieve metallic colours in digital so I photoshopped the golden parts, altough I could not render the real glittering effect.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

singing in the rain

In these days a pouring rain falls on Bologna so my plants are on cloud nine! For this reason I'm not riding my bike, as I prefer Singing In The Rain under my ombrello, which sounds terribly similar to umbrella ;)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

bubble #11

Today my dj career turns 13! On June 5th, 1998 for the first time I put the needle on the record at Jelly Bits, a legendary and short-lived small club in Bologna. It was located in the jewish ghetto, right in the city center, open 24h and had a brief life exactly for this reason, I suppose: unfortunately, the neighbours didn't like very much a non-stop party out of their windows and used to throw down buckets of water on the people... not bad, since the summer of 1998 was baking hot! But, as all good things, it had to end.
Anyway, Jelly Bits still remains in the heart of those who enjoyed at least one night there, expecially those who started a dj career ;) If I remember right, the first song I played was this one here, from the Saturday Night Fever original soundtrack which was, about 17 years even before, the very very first bubble of my life. It has been, as a beautiful sign of destiny, the first record I learned to put the needle on. That day, I was 3, my aunt got sick of my requests to play it over and over again and taught me how to do it myself: who knows if it was June 5th even then? :)

Bee Gees - Night Fever (1977)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

oink oink, double shot!

I always wanted a piggy as pet, but I think it was too much also for my family: during all my childhood we had two dogs, four cats, two parrots, at least a dozen minnows, a couple of ducks, two tortoises and one goose we thought was male until the day he laid an egg...

...but the thing I wanted most of all was snow all year round. Winter was not enough to me: January 1985's -24°C and 1mt deep snow was my ideal climate. Whenever it snowed I was over the moon and nothing could keep me home: sleigh in my hand, in a hurry to my neighbours to slide together down the hill all day long, expecially those times when schools where closed. Nothing has changed in 26 years: some day I'll move to Lapland. That's for sure!
Uh, by the way: maialino means piggy and neve means snow :)