Monday, March 28, 2011

farfalla, episode 5

We left our mysterious boy and a girl in a bar. We'll never know if they moved to a more intimate place after episode 4, because the scene has completely changed:

Someone seems to be dismantling a bike (is it the one stolen in episode 2?)

A butterfly again! Where are we? Is this a workshop?

Going by all those tools, it seems to be!

An inner tube is being cut by a pair of scissors...

A glue pot. Two hands are sticking some rubber pieces. A marker is tracing something...

Scissors are cutting a sheet of plastic. Another unknown tool is ready to be used...

What the hell is going on here?
Follow me in the next episode!

( be continued)


D is for dischi, that means records. Well, maybe some of you heard about portable record players on history books, but to my generation (and at least the prevoius three) was an indispensable object. In a world where walkman was the vanguard, we used to carry music around with our 45s in the portable record player. It was actually one of my first toys and looked exactly like the one I drew here. In italian we have a funny name for it, which is indeed mangiadischi (literally: record-eater) because it effectively "eats" records, since you have to push them inside its mouth to play. In the end, the player spits the record out and, believe me, for a 3 year-old child is almost the real fun :)
One of my first records was a 70's italian cult tv tune: Actarus - Atlas Ufo Robot. It was the first japanese anime ever broadcasted in my country (in 1978) and, needless to say, a massive success for young and old up to the entire 80s. Goldrake (original name Grendizer) is, now as then, my most beloved hero and whenever I think about him I am 3 again ♥.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

bubble #6

In these days I am listening to a song on loop. I discovered Midlake not so much time ago, maybe one year, and it was sudden love! They are an american indie-psychedelic-folk and, basically, prog rock band.
The first time I heard them I thought it was some unknown 70s stuff of which I was the pioneer. But it was not! :) Hauled down the pirates flag, I dug in their discography and found not one, but many treasures. Their 70s prog looking sound combined with the current technologies makes a bomb, and it's a huge pleasure to pick up every instrument clearly. Well done, guys!
The song I was talking about is Head Home, from their 2006 album The Trials Of Van Occupanter. In 2010 they released The Courage Of Others, much more mature and much more progressive :) Enjoy!

Midlake - The Trials Of Van Occupanter (2006)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

my tree

This is a tree who lives in my parents' garden. I painted it in late autumn time. Drawing trees always makes me feel peaceful and this one in particular was a pleasant work: it took so much time and maybe this is the reason why I am so fond of it. I usually spend not much time for an artwork, I need to see immediately that what I am drawing is right, otherwise I lose interest: I prefer to start over rather than fix the faults, that's why I begin lots of things but complete not even the half! :)
Here I used watercolour, sepia ink and - of course - a basic pencil trace.
I think that a good soundtrack for this image could be Genesis - Seven Stones. Just to rise up together with the branches :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This was a test for a hair cosmetic line packaging (yet to be launched). I was asked to be brief and focused on hair, using black, red and white. It worked very well at first, but the client chose a vector and even more synthetic way - actually they cut off the face and kept the wisps only - things that happen (almost every day)!
I drew a light pencil trace that I followed with black and red ink (both with nip and brush). I enjoyed making it and I like the final result, so here it is :)


This was part of a maternity holistic/cosmetic line brochure for RVB Cosmetics I made through the agency I work for, last year.
I was asked to illustrate some gym exercises for pregs to be associated to the products. I simply pencil drawed then coloured in Photoshop.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

masters: giuseppe pellizza da volpedo

This wonder is very famous in Italy, I don't know about the rest of the world. It was painted in 1901 by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, who was divisionist painter, neo-impressionist artist and social activist.
This artwork is considered as the allegory of the dependent employees protest and the industrial action of late 19th century. It portrays the people on strike, including a woman holding her baby, walking toward the light.
A perfect snapshot and imposing masterpiece of lights and shadows. You can even see the people moving. To me it was love at first sight, insomuch as I bougth a big size print and hung it in my room as a teen.
Its name is Il Quarto Stato (The Fourth State) and lives at Museo del Novecento in Milan.

Monday, March 21, 2011

winston save us all

In Italy, when we are up shit creek, we say that we are into the shit, usually a heap of shit. Whenever I am in, I keep my calm, I keep my beer and my fag safe from the dirt and give directives to Winston.
In this pic I am saying "Winston? Shovel and becksina...". A new beer, since mine is empty: hard works need energy! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


C is for cane (dog), but is for cacca (poo) as well! My dog sister Mina, likes it so much :) She has hound forefathers and hounds love poo. She also has a formidable nose and can smell traces of animals who crossed her way months before (!!!). Whenever she wants something she can say "please" with her paw. She is Margot's daughter and has five brothers: Stanko, Mirò, Poldo, Kelly and another one whom I cannot remember the name, maybe is Noce. She was born on 29th December, 2002 and is golden brown with green eyes, she lives in the country side with my parents and is very smart. She likes grape, plums and pear peel, loves cats and lizards and can swim like a fish. She dislikes to be photographed though: she is annoyed by the flash. And does not like to be picked as well.
Since I named her as Mina, the suggested soundtrack must naturally be this: Mina - Ma che Bontà :) She cannot sing (her brother Stanko does, instead) but can count to 4. Her unit is half a cookie, so when she is given 3, she claims the fourth because knows you hold it in your hand!
Here she is :) ♥

Mina and me

"cookie please!"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bubble #5

When I was 16 I consciously met Pink Floyd: I always heard about them and I would know some songs, but I was not mature enough to appreciate. At that age I was ready to fell in love with their masterpiece, in my opinion the best album ever in the whole world: The Dark Side Of The Moon. And so it went. My older cousin (who was my prog-rock pusher) would have the vinyl and put it on a tape. I don't know how many times I've played it on the walkman with my eyes closed to watch the images that those sounds produced in my mind.
Luck was on my side, so they came in Modena (near Bologna) on September 17th, 1994 :) I just remember my open mouth during the whole concert, the green lasers building arcs and tunnels over me and beyond, that enormous circular screen and red and green and pink and blue and all the colours of the rainbow. And the sound. Holy shit, THAT sound! I had never seen or heard anything like that before in my life. I think that my love for progressive rock actually started there.
I found some Youtube videos of that night on a Facebook group, please pay attention to the sound quality and try to imagine how emotional was to be phisically there. By the way, I was more or less in that position among the people :) Stunning flashback!

Monday, March 14, 2011

stop nuke.

I wish all my good luck to Japan and keep on saying stop nuclear over and over again. What else must happen to realize that misfortune is the only one sure thing? How many other people must die or become seriously ill to open our eyes? It is time to start making peace with our planet by ending the nuclear age. In my modest opinion, after World War II, it would not even have to start. Life is probably not only one and for this reason, to protect our future ones, we should respect and be thankful to the place that hosted us for the million years of our life. It is not ours: we are just guests. Ingrate guests.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

farfalla, episode 4

I have been away for a while: I am very busy in these days (good for me!), but I found a bit of time to show you what happens after episode 3.

Someone is walking holding a paper roll...

he opens a door...

It is a bar! He seems to be looking for someone...

...he is. A beautiful girl was waiting for him :)

He lays out his paper and seems to be explaining something to her.

Suddenly, he comes closer and his hand slips on her thigh...

Is she the dancer? Is he the one who was drawing at the table? Who knows! :)

(to be continued...)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

masters: ilya repin

I never heard about Ilya Repin until I stumbled into this wonder here, a few months ago. Its title is Sadko in the underwater kingdom and it was painted in 1876. Love at first sight! Sadko is a russian epic about a merchant's adventure into the sea. I love how Ilya Repin can impressively render the atmosphere by the light, both in this and in his other artworks. He lived at the turn of the 19th and the 20th century, where cameras were quite rudimentary and you could not afford the luxury of copying a photograph: everything was extemporaneous and the only photo you had was in your head. So simple as to seem magic.
In a few days after I found it, this masterpiece has been framed and hung on my bathroom's wall :)
It lives at the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Since 2001 Bologna has a gay meeting place on Sundays, from 7 to 11 pm at Stile Libero. How many marriages, divorces, comedies, tragedies, war battles, peace doves, tons of expensive moisturizing cream, liters of trendy perfumes, fashion competitions and acid jokes did I see there in these 10 years? Try to count the stars of a summer sky and you will get close :)
Next Sunday (March 6) we will gladly celebrate its 10th birthday ♥ most likely to the sound of our tune, Baccara - Yes sir, I can boogie 
Well, you must know, that place is my headquarter: since 2008 I am resident dj and there gravitate my best friends. My heart's queenies, to be more precise. Yes, they are all mine because I am their gay icon and I am proud to be!!  To be even more precise, I am a queer trapped inside this female body (that is why they love me - and I love them) but this is another story.
Let's go back to business:
this is the flyer I made for the current edition, titled Culinaria. It is a pun: culinaria is easily translatable in culinary but, in italian, if you say "Cul-in-aria" you literally say "Ass-in-air" :)

Here you are the digital...

...and the final result!
The trick was made by folding the paper like this...
"what lies beneath the tablecloth?" be opened and discover this  :)
"dirty! what did you think it was?" :)