Friday, November 4, 2011

bubble #18

This jewel produced by Pete Bellotte is one of my favourites from the afro/cosmic disco age which - I can proudly say - originated in northern Italy in the late 70s. The place I come from indeed. Yes, because I was born near Bologna and grew up even nearer one of the most important afro/disco/funky clubs, the legendary Chicago, in Baricella. When I was a little girl, my friends and me used to play around the residential area where it was located: sometimes we could even see what there was inside while the crew was doing the cleaning, I suppose. Good kids used to say "mommy says that there's the drug inside there" and stayed away. Bad kids used to say "when I grow up, I'll go dancing there" and buzzed around all the time hoping to see the mirror ball above the dancefloor. Unfortunately, it closed in 1987 and was demolished some years later. So we went dancing elsewere. But I had the time to see that mirror ball once, and nothing has never been the same :)

Sue Ann - My Baby My (1981)

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