Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bubble #16

I'm not listening to anything else for days. At home, at work, cycling, walking, in the bathroom, at the supermarket... even waking up and going out at morning has become pleasant. I think I've found the talisman of happiness or, at least, of feel good. Which is luxury, these days. A trillion chapeaux for Lucio Dalla, of whom I am proudly fellow citizen (Bologna, when she wants, is genius). This song from 1977 talks about a guy being dumped by his girlfriend who supposedly joined feminist ideals (it used to happen, those days) and, after an inconclusive walk in a freaky Bologna, looks for comfort in self-eroticism. Unfortunately, it's pretty impossible to translate the elegant dirtiness of the lyrics, but I'm absolutely sure you're going to love the music and enjoy your life a little more as I'm doing :)

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