Friday, September 2, 2011

bubble #15

I love September. Everything starts again after the summer holidays, the weather cools down, Autumn is around the corner, you meet again your super tanned friends back from their beaches around the world, the kids go back to school and you remember how it was exciting (for the first 3 days) when you were a kid.
Bologna is especially beautiful in September: the sky is always deep blue and full of bright white soft clouds, the light around is crystal clear and, towards evening, it fades to gold. The air is fizzy, everything sounds new and you know that another season is going to start in the clubs and the bars and the pubs and all the places where you shelter during winter time. And you're electrified as a school boy.
This song, Impressioni di Settembre, talks about a September dawn fourty years ago, in some country side in northern Italy. PFM is the most popular italian prog rock band and their albums are already legend: my favourite is their first one, Storia di un Minuto, which contains this pearl. I suggest to find and listen to the entire album at once: enjoy your trip :)

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