Wednesday, August 3, 2011

san francisco

This song is one of my favourites ever. Besides being the soundtrack of the Summer of Love in San Francisco, is one of the sweetest I ever heard. It's an orange/golden glare which smells of the sea and mixed flowers, and has the power to instantly cheer me up. The first time I heard it I even moved, as if I had found a picture of someone that I had lost long time before, overwhelmed by a peaceful sense of missing them. I'm sure it was a memory from my past life, as I always have been sure that I lived those years.
Ban on chatter, I love this song and I'm quite satisfied of this drawing (that hair took at least 2 weeks!)* even if I made some coarse errors I could have avoided with a little attention. Slob me, caution has never been my strong suit.
Anyway, my project grows :)
Techniques: felt tips, gouache, pencil, golden and white markers.

Scott McKenzie - San Francisco

* = the secret to drawing the hair is to draw each one :) You must always keep an eye on the general volumes, lights and shadows, but you need to draw them one by one to give a realistic look.

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