Tuesday, August 2, 2011

free energy

Can you imagine a world where energy is endless, fair, clean and free as the air we breathe? Just think about it: start from the light bulb on your desk, let that thought widen and cover the whole globe. Can you see what I see? Can you see a right world where human beings can live in harmony with the Earth without destroying, draining and wasting away everything around them? Can you see the poor counties finally flourishing? Can you see the water reaching everyone on earth?
It's not sci-fi nor a remote future, it could have been even past, if the man who discovered free energy wasn't intentionally unheard, 100 years ago. His name was Nikola Tesla and simply changed the world without having anything in return. He was too advanced for his time (and for our, it seems) so greed and money won on pureness. And made the worst mistake of our history.
Nikola was a very special person with a big heart, he was a genius, and I'm sure he was something more. These movies tell his story, which wasn't worthy of his greatness at all. I hope they will make your eyes open, if it has yet to happen. And hope that, one day, pureness will get its definitive revenge on greed and money. Meanwhile, I just can help you be more aware. 

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