Friday, August 26, 2011

bubble #14

Here I am, back from two stunning weeks in Berlin, where I partied hard and spent good time with some dearest fellow pirates, as usual :) Now I'm painting harder for the Bologna Children's Book Fair: to be admitted to the selection, I must deliver 5 artworks by September 26th, earlier than usual. So I must run fast and work hard! In this exact moment I'm painting the second artwork and drinking apple juice while a big hairy spider is running on the ceiling. The soundtrack of this sweaty moment (in Bologna we unusually have 29°C around midnight and if this heat wave won't stop I think I'll go mad) is this lovely sweet song by Paul Kalkbrenner, very berlinful ;) Needless to say, I miss mein geliebtes Berlin (my beloved Berlin) and I can't wait to come back, hopefully, next winter.

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