Monday, July 4, 2011


In the late 70s, as I already wrote in the letter D post, the japanese animes arrived in Italy and bewitched all the people. Among that moltitude there was a character I'm very much fond of: she's a pink haired witch girl whose name sounds very similar to mine. Her name is Bia :) Since my nickname is Bea, it was natural that I felt very close to her. I even had her t-shirt and, needless to say, it was my favourite! Besides being very nice herself, she had a lovely catchy tune which was very popular among the children, as much as we used to sing it all together as a tongue twister. For this letter, I stole her hair colour and put it under my own witch's hat :) Yes, because strega means witch indeed.
Enjoy her song! Bia - La Sfida della Magia

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