Tuesday, June 21, 2011

with a little luck...

Some years ago I went to Prague on a camper van with my cousins and spent one day in an austrian camping. All was perfect: tidy flower beds, tidy tracks made with tidy gravel and tidy grass pitches where campers and tents were neatly placed. Not to mention the whole camping management. I thought I ended up in a Lego city! I couldn't believe my eyes, since I was used to the anarchy of the italian Woodstock-looking campings. But the grass of our pitch was the most astonishing thing: it was full of four-leaf clovers! Austrian people must be very lucky. After a brief reasoning, I spent that day looking for three-leaved clovers, and the few I found made me feel lucky as well :)
I think Paul McCartney - With a Little Luck is the most appropriate song to match with letter Q, because quadrifoglio means four-leaf clover indeed!

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