Wednesday, June 1, 2011

oink oink, double shot!

I always wanted a piggy as pet, but I think it was too much also for my family: during all my childhood we had two dogs, four cats, two parrots, at least a dozen minnows, a couple of ducks, two tortoises and one goose we thought was male until the day he laid an egg...

...but the thing I wanted most of all was snow all year round. Winter was not enough to me: January 1985's -24°C and 1mt deep snow was my ideal climate. Whenever it snowed I was over the moon and nothing could keep me home: sleigh in my hand, in a hurry to my neighbours to slide together down the hill all day long, expecially those times when schools where closed. Nothing has changed in 26 years: some day I'll move to Lapland. That's for sure!
Uh, by the way: maialino means piggy and neve means snow :)

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  1. Yeaaaah!!! :) Come to live with us in Berlin Beaaaa! :)