Friday, June 10, 2011


Like many people, whenever I hear a sound of any kind, it generates images (mainly colours) in my mind to the point I see them. I always did. I'm sure that my musical taste is nothing but a colour range. It's not easy to explain or graphically reproduce what I see because it's more than three-dimensional and quite hard to fix, but I'm trying to "illustranslate" some for my hand.
Some weeks ago, I was sketching in a cafe during a concert and I realized that I never deepened this part of me. Not consciously, at last. In those days I was addicted to a song so I simply let my hand go in the moleskine as I was at the high school on my diary: this is what came out and, at the same time, started a new experiment :)
That song was Starless, by my beloved King Crimson. I draw the first verse, which is the one I love most. I'm currently working on the next song: keep in touch, if you like this one!
Technique: pencil, markers, permanent gold marker - is almost impossible to achieve metallic colours in digital so I photoshopped the golden parts, altough I could not render the real glittering effect.

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