Tuesday, June 21, 2011

bubble #12

It's no new that when I fall in love with a song, I play it all the time to death. It's no new that when I keep an eye on an artist, I almost never go wrong.
It's no accident that The Magician stroke twice in half a year! (see bubble #10).
He's got the power to turn everything he touches to gold: the original songs surely do most of the work, but in his hands they gain that something special to fly really high.
It's no accident that he named himself The Magician. Ney no. This time the Mida's remix touch is up to the enchanting Lykke Li.
Leo says this song is already one of my hits, one "of those that when you hear it you know it's Bea on the mix" - and I didn't even pay him for this! ;) He's right: I'm addicted!
Well, I told a lie before: The Magician didn't strike twice, but three times: after listening to this diamond below, enjoy the preview of the just released (right yesterday) Peter & The Magician - Twist EP on Kitsuné.
Heavy parties on the horizon!

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