Sunday, June 5, 2011

bubble #11

Today my dj career turns 13! On June 5th, 1998 for the first time I put the needle on the record at Jelly Bits, a legendary and short-lived small club in Bologna. It was located in the jewish ghetto, right in the city center, open 24h and had a brief life exactly for this reason, I suppose: unfortunately, the neighbours didn't like very much a non-stop party out of their windows and used to throw down buckets of water on the people... not bad, since the summer of 1998 was baking hot! But, as all good things, it had to end.
Anyway, Jelly Bits still remains in the heart of those who enjoyed at least one night there, expecially those who started a dj career ;) If I remember right, the first song I played was this one here, from the Saturday Night Fever original soundtrack which was, about 17 years even before, the very very first bubble of my life. It has been, as a beautiful sign of destiny, the first record I learned to put the needle on. That day, I was 3, my aunt got sick of my requests to play it over and over again and taught me how to do it myself: who knows if it was June 5th even then? :)

Bee Gees - Night Fever (1977)

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