Tuesday, May 3, 2011

masters: preraphaelites

Today my friend Roberlina shared the Fuck Yeah, Pre-Raphaelites' blog link on Facebook. And it was suddenly flashback and love! I always loved Pre-Raphaelites, I love their magical mixtures of symbolism, realism, bright colours, impressionism, nature, fairy tales, mannerism, flowers and everyday life. Browsing this fabulous blog, I found this wonder: Snowbound, by John Atkinson Grimshaw, 1883 (yes, I said 1883).
Isn't it amazing and terribly modern? I think it's every bit as good as any present fashion photo portrait and maybe better, if you think about the techniques they are made, more than 100 years apart from each other. Wow.
Anyway, chapeau to this blogger who enlightened us with his (or her) research into that beautiful group of artists who were the Pre-Raphaelites. Enjoy the trip!

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