Tuesday, May 17, 2011

bubble #9

When I first heard this song (I think it was earl 2008) I went totally mad. And when I first played it for a dancefloor, all the people did the same.
Actually, this is not a bubble of mine only, but the bubble of an entire platoon (my platoon! ♥) of wild poofs dancing away :) Needless to say, it immediately became one of my biggest hits ever.
By the way, joking aside: today is May 17th, the International Day Against Homophobia. I just read an absolute truth: being gay isn't a choice, but being bigot certainly is. I'm straight, but my world is mostly gay. It's thanks to some special gay persons that, some years ago, I found and picked myself up to fly again. Yes, it's a corny story, but I really don't know what could I do without my queenies: I never wanted anything to happen to them because of what they are. They and anyone else. I'd fly into a rage, I cannot even think about it. Unfortunately, it happened to some (too many) of them.
I dont' know what prompts homophobia: maybe fear, maybe envy, maybe ignorance or just stupidity, but I have had enough. All my Love to all the gays in the world today, tomorrow and forever ♥
After all this blarney, the concept I actually wanted to express is: hands off my faggots! 

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