Wednesday, April 13, 2011

masters: max ernst

This painting caught my attention when I was at school, I was probably 16. I don't even know why, but I remember I was quite obsessed. Its title is The Eye Of The Silence (L'Occhio Del Silenzio) by Max Ernst, and it was painted in 1944. I was enchanted by the real silence I perceived looking at it, and I wished I could visit that place some day. I didn't find any high resolution pictures on the net so, unfortunately, the details I was lost in are not clear here. Pity. I can't remember in which book I found it but I liked it insomuch that I took inspiration in a work for the sculpture class: I modeled the green part with the bigger eye and the two towers in clay. I was not so good at modelling (or at least I was never satisfied) so it went recycled in the clay chest :)
Surrealism, as all the revolutionary movements always fascinated me, because I always put myself in the early 20th century artists' shoes who reasonably wanted to escape from ages of traditional painting. Escape and come out into the open. I mean: talent has no time or reason, it is instinct, physical need of giving a shape to your thoughts and share it. In your way. In your world, wherever it is.

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