Wednesday, April 20, 2011

masters: la linea and osvaldo cavandoli

What really inspired me more in my life was nothing but a line. La Linea, by genius Osvaldo Cavandoli. A funny grouchy little man with a contagious laughter, who lives squabbling with an enormous hand that makes fool of him with its pencil. When I was a curly little girl he was the star of a popular pressure cooker advert which kids were mad about: right for this reason, nobody knew when it would have exactly been broadcasted and it was always a welcome surprise. Nobody knew what was his name, to us he was just l'omino della Lagostina (the Lagostina man). Ask about him to any 30/40 year old italian and you'll see the smile of a child. My granny loved him as well: we always nearly split our sides laughing together :) I still do it each time!

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