Wednesday, April 6, 2011

bubble #7

I saved the number 7 for them. Although 13 is my favourite number, 7 is the number of the whole, universal, perfect balance and symbolizes an accomplished and dynamic cycle. That is what Kraftwerk are for me. Nowadays, it is too easy to buy a computer and pretend to be a "musician" but, in the early 70s, you had to build most of your (yes, they did) analog synthesizers yourself, if you wanted to be like Kraftwerk (or at least look like)! And you must know music inside out, as they did.
I simply think that this union between the typical teutonic wits and the academic music (which are not so distant as it seems at first sight) has been the real magic formula to change the world. In fact, nothing in music after they came, has never been the same. Not just because of the synths (they already existed and were widely used in the 60s to support the other instruments), but the way they were used. They were the center. They were the melody, the drums, the bass, the harmonics. There was a whole new dimension in their sound, and the world's ears went wild.
I saw them live at Ferrara Sotto le Stelle in July 2005. You cannot imagine how I feel lucky! The gig poster proudly hangs on my wall :)

I can't make up my mind about which album to love more, so I chose the one I am fonder of: The Man Machine: I have a rickety vinyl copy of this masterpiece that I found in a second hand shop when I was around 20. To me it worth its weight in gold. Just think: this album is my same age (released in May 1978. Yes, I said 1978) and, while I am getting old, is still future.
Just turn the volume up to the moon and play here - or click the image - :)

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