Thursday, March 17, 2011


C is for cane (dog), but is for cacca (poo) as well! My dog sister Mina, likes it so much :) She has hound forefathers and hounds love poo. She also has a formidable nose and can smell traces of animals who crossed her way months before (!!!). Whenever she wants something she can say "please" with her paw. She is Margot's daughter and has five brothers: Stanko, Mirò, Poldo, Kelly and another one whom I cannot remember the name, maybe is Noce. She was born on 29th December, 2002 and is golden brown with green eyes, she lives in the country side with my parents and is very smart. She likes grape, plums and pear peel, loves cats and lizards and can swim like a fish. She dislikes to be photographed though: she is annoyed by the flash. And does not like to be picked as well.
Since I named her as Mina, the suggested soundtrack must naturally be this: Mina - Ma che Bontà :) She cannot sing (her brother Stanko does, instead) but can count to 4. Her unit is half a cookie, so when she is given 3, she claims the fourth because knows you hold it in your hand!
Here she is :) ♥

Mina and me

"cookie please!"

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