Monday, March 28, 2011


D is for dischi, that means records. Well, maybe some of you heard about portable record players on history books, but to my generation (and at least the prevoius three) was an indispensable object. In a world where walkman was the vanguard, we used to carry music around with our 45s in the portable record player. It was actually one of my first toys and looked exactly like the one I drew here. In italian we have a funny name for it, which is indeed mangiadischi (literally: record-eater) because it effectively "eats" records, since you have to push them inside its mouth to play. In the end, the player spits the record out and, believe me, for a 3 year-old child is almost the real fun :)
One of my first records was a 70's italian cult tv tune: Actarus - Atlas Ufo Robot. It was the first japanese anime ever broadcasted in my country (in 1978) and, needless to say, a massive success for young and old up to the entire 80s. Goldrake (original name Grendizer) is, now as then, my most beloved hero and whenever I think about him I am 3 again ♥.


  1. This is meeeeee! <3<3<3<3

    Ufo Robot was also one of my first "45 giri"!!! I still have it and still listen to it!

    At the wagon my sound system is still the orange "mangiadischi" so you can imagine how I felt when I've seen the D drawning!
    Simply perfect!

    I have to make a post about this soon! :)