Tuesday, February 22, 2011

masters: giacomo balla

As for music, when some artwork catches my attention so much to steal my heart too, it is love forever :) At the Art School, obviously, the Art History was our bread and butter and throughout my life I fell in love with thousands of pictures that sometimes changed my life, suggested my hand and inspired my soul. I consider all this a big part of my fortune that I want to rediscover with you. And also to refresh my memory!

This is the first jewel I want to show you:

Today computers and digital cameras get us used to anything and this could seem a common picture but 20 years ago, when I first saw it, I could not believe my eyes. Think about how could it be when was painted, in 1912! 100 years ago. Just a man, his mind and his hand. Simply sublime. Not a brush stroke out of place: you just can see it move. I have no idea if he used a camera and then copied from a photograph, but anyway for the time it surely was like science fiction.
Chapeau to Giacomo Balla, who was one of one of the leading figures of Futurism and was obsessed by the motion. All futurists were obsessed by dynamism, but I think Balla was the only one who actually caught it. Futurists were a bunch of mad visionaries with megalomaniac tendencies and they were, in fact, fascists. But as talent has no race, colour, substance, frontiers or nation, nor has political orientation. At least for me.
The title of this painting is La Mano del Violinista (the Hand of the Violinist), as you can see :)
It lives at Estorick Collection, London.
Here are many other artworks by Giacomo Balla.

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