Friday, February 25, 2011

igor and boris

Here's to you two of my three minnows: Igor and Boris. They live in a transilvanian castle in my kitchen, to be more precise, the Young Frankenstein (or Frankenstein Junior, for Italy) castle. Since my room mate and I are addicted to that movie, we named our blackmoor fish after Igor, played by the stunning Marty Feldman: we could not do otherwise, because they are the same, with those bulging eyes! :) (don't tell them, but Igor is my favourite indeed!). He is a sociable fish and comes often near the bowl rim to say hello with his little hump. What hump? :)
Boris, instead, is a goldfish named after the star of an italian hilarious TV serie called, exactly, Boris. Moreover, Boris sounds perfectly transilvanian :) He is, despite himself, the troublesome: in fact, he occasionally dies and resuscitates. The first few times we saw him afloat on his side we worried and were sure he was died in one hour but, unexpectedly, the morning after he was always there, spry as usual. So we got used to this bizzare behaviour!
And you still miss the third fish, the ferocious one who lives alone in another bowl (coming soon).
What could I do, if not draw them? :))
Here they are. For now I sketched only. Stay tuned to see the final result!

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