Thursday, February 17, 2011

bubble #3

There are moments in a dj's life that are impossible to forget: the "I just found a treasure" moments.
If you want to know how it feels to be a pirate who just found the biggest treasure of the Seven Seas, become a dj hunting new records! You will sail boundless waters looking for gold glitters on the sea bed and, when you least expect it, you will see a little light calling you from afar! Becoming bigger and brighter and louder and even more exciting :) One of these moments to me was when I found this jewel from 80s italo disco. Strange I did not hear it before 2002, but so it went! Since then, my dj's life has changed: I play it almost every single time, everybody loves it. YOU will love it! I still cannot stop playing it.
Last summer in Berlin, digging in one of my favourite shops in Kastanienallee, I found the 7".
Pure and simple joy.

My Mine - Hypnotic Tango (1983)

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