Thursday, February 3, 2011

bubble #1

Whenever I find a new (or old) song to love, it is like jumping into a bubble and float around. Some bubbles pop soon, some later, some are still floating with me for years. When I am inside the bubble, I cannot stop playing that song and I would share it with the whole world!
Some take root inside me and melt with the feelings of the moment, the memories, the colours, the smells. So it will be enough to play them again to get into the bubble and go back there :)
The highest bubble ever in my life came in 1983. I was 5. I cannot remember when I first heard it on the radio but it was the idol of all the kids at the kindergarden. Patty had an older brother (high school, we did not even know what it was kind of) who got the tape! Holy brother! Some days she could bring it at school, so we played it all the time :)
But where was my tape? I did not even know how it was called, who the hell was the singer? Someone said she was Olivia Newton John... we were addicted to Grease, so any unknown femminine voice was ONJ, no matter anything. But I knew how was her voice and it was totally different. Well, I don't know how, but one day daddy bought a yellow-labelled tape with my song inside! My life changed, that tape went almost demagnetized by my psychosis but I had a bubble which I am still in :)
The highest, brightest, stronger bubble I ever floated in.
Its name is Moonlight Shadow 

Mike Oldfiled - Moonlight Shadow (1983)

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