Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Let me introduce you my friend Teo, who opened a shoe store some years ago in Bologna called, precisely, rubber, as the material he sold was made: just rubber shoes, of any kind :)
He asked me to design the store's logo. Immediately I thought about something funny, like a bizarre gummy creature, and I started to sketch. But nothing I was drawing pleased me enough to go on. Some days and mumbles later, the light bulb in my head lit just seeing Teo's face: HE was the creature I was looking for!!
Well, you see, Teo is one of the most humorous persons I know: a sweet little english gentleman always ready with a quick, brilliant, come back. His sly face was extremely difficult to be caught in a cartoon, but I went close to the reality, anyway. So they say :) Here are both the sketches and the final logo. I am working on an upgrade with some beard and moustaches, as Teo looks now, and I'll soon post it.
By the way: my fee for this work was a cascade of shoes!! ^_^

This was the time I was mad about this track and in my console could never miss! :)

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