Thursday, January 20, 2011

farfalla, episode 1

This was a 16mm short film shot in Bologna in 1999/2000 named "Farfalla" (butterfly).
It was a self-production by my boyfriend of the time, of whom I lost any contact so I have no idea if he ever actually completed the work. I hope so :)
I was asked to draw the storyboard. Initially, it would have been just sketched but in the end I felt like colouring some scenes, though the film was black and white. I think this is my first important work, in which I had to interact with a client and his needs, although it was my boy and we were very young.
Here are the first 2 scenes, the only in colours, as they were scanned, with all the stains and the smears.
Stay tuned to see the rest!
Technique: pencil, watercolours, ink, pen, wax pastels, gouache, correcting fluid, felt-tip pen, coffee, tea, me... :)

Suggested soundtrack:
Henry Mancini - Pink Panther theme

Someone is drawing something sitting at his table in the dim light...

There is a book on the table, a book of butterflies! Idea!

in the moonlight...

overnight, three fellows are darkly roaming among the trees of a park
a bike is parked behind a fence
what is the connection between the two?

(to be continued...)

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  1. I loooove it already! Can't wait for the rest of it! ;)