Wednesday, January 26, 2011

circus roberlina in six steps

Do you remember my first post? I was drawing a logo for my friend Robbi and, now, is done!
Let's recap the steps I made to reach the final goal:

First! I looked for some good fonts to be inspired on, obviously I did not save their names, so I cannot tell you what they are. I promise I will, if I find them!

Second! I printed a draft of "CIRCUS" and "Roberlina".

Third! Using the lightbox and following the draft, I re-designed the two words with the pencil, as I conceived.

Fourth! Always using the lightbox (my own rude DIY lightbox :), I traced my pencil drawing using India ink.

Fifth! I turned off the lightbox and painted the letters using the India ink and an extremely weak ecoline black, to get the depth of the volumes and the shades.

Sixth! I imported it all in Photoshop to compose, clean up, fine tune and add some colour...
Tadaaaaaa! Here it is!

Just finished, Robbi put it in the header of her blog :)
Now, turn up the volume and play a song that Robbi and me went crazy for, when played together.
Uh! Did you know? She was my dj-mate in Bologna, before she moved to explore the rest of the world. It is because of her that I began to play! She was my pygmalion, in effect. Eternal gratitude!!
Go! Tok Tok vs Soffy O - Day of Mine  :)