Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I always loved patterns. This time I was asked to draw some for a friend. They had to look something like "military-cute" (!). Who the hell could do it? :) So I picked up my pencil and sketched them and then traced all using Illustrator :)
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

pippi's eye

One day, some time ago, I was caught by a drawing raptus and I sketched my friend Pippi's left eye.
Drawing raptuses are loud and uncontrollable, and usually produce good stuff: I think they are the Universe's way to say "you are on the right path", and I thank it!
Pippi is my way to call Stefano Libertini Protopapa, a veeeeery good young photographer who will be soon rich and famous.
Turn up the volume and play our love song:
Oliver Koletzki feat Fran - Hypnotized


10 days in Berlin last summer produced this :)
Soundtrack: Spandau Ballet - Heaven is a Secret

Friday, December 17, 2010


Dedo was created to be the model for an internal look book of the brand Cotton Belt kids winter street wear. Not sure about which was the year.
He had to look like a teddy boy, so I was inspired by my little cousin Isacco, whom was 7 at that time :)

Actually it was a hybrid between a fashion plate and a model, since I had to exactly re-draw the clothes he wears. It was an unusual way to introduce a collection, and I really enjoyed working on it.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

24 drawings per second

This was the result of my first experience in traditional animation: the pencil test of a brief scene.
All the drawings were scanned, then sequenced using Flash. It was about 2001.
Since it is a test to check that the movement flows well, it is composed by the rough sketches of the character in the key positions only. Here are 18 for 3 seconds that seemed like 3 months to me (and perhaps they were) :)
It has been a very satisfying experience that I'd love to repeat, some day. 
My career in traditional animation turned to the background shading for a while: I helped a scenographer in a cartoon serie for Rai TV called "Cocco Bill", you can find some tubes here. Watching those videos I can recognize most of my work! Somewhere I stored a dvd with all my labors and someday I'll post something :)


BettyBoop ♥ Pink Mix ♥ 2010

Enjoy my Pink Mix!


Cicale is a cool party a bunch of friends and me invented last spring.
Cicale in italian means cicadas. We started from a popular 80s italian tv tune called "Cicale" indeed, and then we extended to the Cicada and the Ant story, including a dark/play room (where anything could happen), tons of glitter, tons of love, tons of gayness and tons of good music. All in the mixer!
Here is its Facebook fan page.
Each time we find a theme and a dress code. Then we dress up the club, our beloved Locomotiv Club, we dress up ourselves and go.
Uh! By the way: my name as dj is BettyBoop and, yes, I always play at Cicale :) Here are the proofs!
I don't know when the next party will be precisely, but I suppose in the first months of 2011. Just a clue: neverland :)
I started from some sketches on my moleskine, then imported and re-drawn using Illustrator.

Turn up the volume and play:
Fever Ray - Seven (The Twelves Remix)
Heather Parisi - Cicale

the cicada and the ant...
...and Cicale's little man, who is actually drawed after my friend (and lucky room mate) Leo, who is Cicale's showman, vocalist, actor, scenographer, image, aunt :)

sweatin' to the 80s

This is the front of a flyer for an 80's party, made last year. I lost the print, which was on metallic paper.
The model is a friend, Corinna. We just took the photo and then I bungled it all using Photoshop :)
I felt extremely "glitter in the space" for weeks, while and after making this! :)

Listening: Lio - Amoureux Solitaires (1981)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I drew Pongo almost 10 years ago as a part of a project for an important illustration fair here in Bologna. Unfortunately, it was not accepted, pity! :(
I am fond of it  because I never really loved working with coloured pencils so much (they never gave me that satisfaction the simple graphite does) but in this case, instead, that satisfaction still remains after so many years :)
Technique: graphite and coloured pencils.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

circus roberlina

Welcome to my blog! This is its first post ever and I dedicate it to my friend Robi, who knits magnificent boa scarfs and lives in a circus caravan in Berlin with Margot, the dog who was a Trudi puppet and a fairy turned into a puppy (later this puppy gave birth to the velvet hellobea's little helper, but this is another story, and I will tell you soon).
Anyway, this is her blog, Circus Roberlina where you can also buy those lovely scarfs - mine is yellow and black, like a bee :)
I'm designing her logo, and here are the first steps :)
Stay tuned to see what will come out in the end!

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