Thursday, December 16, 2010


Cicale is a cool party a bunch of friends and me invented last spring.
Cicale in italian means cicadas. We started from a popular 80s italian tv tune called "Cicale" indeed, and then we extended to the Cicada and the Ant story, including a dark/play room (where anything could happen), tons of glitter, tons of love, tons of gayness and tons of good music. All in the mixer!
Here is its Facebook fan page.
Each time we find a theme and a dress code. Then we dress up the club, our beloved Locomotiv Club, we dress up ourselves and go.
Uh! By the way: my name as dj is BettyBoop and, yes, I always play at Cicale :) Here are the proofs!
I don't know when the next party will be precisely, but I suppose in the first months of 2011. Just a clue: neverland :)
I started from some sketches on my moleskine, then imported and re-drawn using Illustrator.

Turn up the volume and play:
Fever Ray - Seven (The Twelves Remix)
Heather Parisi - Cicale

the cicada and the ant...
...and Cicale's little man, who is actually drawed after my friend (and lucky room mate) Leo, who is Cicale's showman, vocalist, actor, scenographer, image, aunt :)

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