Thursday, December 16, 2010

24 drawings per second

This was the result of my first experience in traditional animation: the pencil test of a brief scene.
All the drawings were scanned, then sequenced using Flash. It was about 2001.
Since it is a test to check that the movement flows well, it is composed by the rough sketches of the character in the key positions only. Here are 18 for 3 seconds that seemed like 3 months to me (and perhaps they were) :)
It has been a very satisfying experience that I'd love to repeat, some day. 
My career in traditional animation turned to the background shading for a while: I helped a scenographer in a cartoon serie for Rai TV called "Cocco Bill", you can find some tubes here. Watching those videos I can recognize most of my work! Somewhere I stored a dvd with all my labors and someday I'll post something :)


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